Thursday, April 7, 2011

Outdated and false info still being pushed as true facts

In a bid to stem the flow of American money and weapons into Mexico, a key committee in the Texas House is examining a proposal that would give the Department of Public Safety permission to assist the federal government in the creation of southbound inspection checkpoints along the border.

A 2009 report released by the federal government stated that 87 percent of the guns seized by Mexican law enforcement agencies between 2004-2009 were traced back to the United States. Of the American-sourced guns seized in Mexico, 39 percent of them came from Texas, more than any other state. [more]
By now, this is common knowledge (or at least it certainly should be, especially among "authorized journalists"), so I was please to see that someone had already put them in their place by citing this article.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Proud to be a Shooting Family

My wife, Kami, and I have also instituted a new discipline program in our household.

Our son, Payton, turned eight years old on April 7. Kami and I decided to give him his first firearm, a Cricket single shot .22 (Does this qualify as a straw purchase?). Instead of the typical punishments for misbehavior, Payton now has some incentive to behave. Payton starts each day with ten .22 rounds. Each time he misbehaves, we take one round away. In the event that he goes the entire day without misbehaving, he receives a five round bonus. This makes Payton's total potential weekly haul 105 rounds. [more]

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CALIFORNIA: AB 962 Gets Squashed!

In a dramatic ruling giving gun owners a win in an National Rifle Association / California Rifle and Pistol (CRPA) Foundation lawsuit, this morning Fresno Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Hamilton ruled that AB 962, the hotly contested statute that would have banned mail order ammunition sales and required all purchases of so called “handgun ammunition” to be registered, was unconstitutionally vague on its face. The Court enjoined enforcement of the statute, so mail order ammunition sales to California can continue unabated, and ammunition sales need not be registered under the law. [more]

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Traver Off Topic

From the police’s point of view, criminals are an inconsiderate bunch: no fixed address, very little record keeping, no scheduled hours of operation, etc. Criminals do not keep appointments or offer even minimal cooperation.

It’s a real challenge. Some cops are heroes; 100 percent of them are government employees. [more]
For some reason, I keep thinking of the joke referring to "Military Intelligence" as an oxymoron.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Learn About Guns Creator Opens Law Firm

As a gun rights proponent, I have an interest in self defense and its implications in criminal and civil matters, and plan to spend a good deal of time on that area of the law. Given my background in Computer Science and the time I spent at previous firms that focused on business law and other transactional matters, I may also spend more time in that area of law. [More]
Eric is a great source of self-defense articles, as well as lots of general firearm-related information.

Congrats, Eric!

The Long Recall

The Civil War in real time, 150 years later... [read]

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